“Gustavo is a wonderful person and a great engineer with a vast knowledge. He goes the extra mile every time....”


“Gustavo’s engineering talent is like no other and the best part of all he is truly a great person"

Ric Wake

By the time high school was over Gustavo was ready to broaden his musical horizons and enrolled at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA.  At the end of the first year at Berklee he was awarded the Berklee Achievement Scholarship. Around the same time he decided to
switch principal instruments, leaving the drum set in favor of the piano. This move would allow him to further explore the advanced musical theories he was being exposed to. “Drums were fun to play, but they were holding me back, I wanted to hear how the harmonic concepts I was learning actually sounded like, that's why I switched to the piano. I practiced eight hours a day just to keep up; it was a demanding and very exciting time. I learned something new every single day.” After intense music studies it was time to pick a major and focus on a career choice. Music Production & Engineering was the perfect fit for him because it involved music and technology, his deepest passions.

In 1994 British singer/songwriter Sting presented him a Music Degree from the prestigious Berklee College with Magna Cum Laude distinction. Coincidentally the MP&E department honored him with the Mix Magazine Award. Immediately after graduation he was recruited by one of the best recording studios in the world: The Hit Factory in NYC. “While learning the ropes as an assistant I worked with some of the best engineers and producers in the world.” In 1996 he took a break from the bitter cold of the northeast and headed south to Florida.

A few years later, after participating on a number of high profile projects he started building a solid reputation as an engineer and began freelancing.

Celis' work ethic and talent has paid off ever since; he's been honored with of a total of eight Recording Academy Awards. Two Grammy Awards (N.A.R.A.S), for his work with Gloria Estefan in 2000 and R. Blades in 2001, plus six Latin Grammy Awards (L.A.R.A.S.) for works with Ricky Martin, Thalia, Shakira and Alejandro Sanz including two for Best Engineering.

In the year 2003 Gustavo Celis received critical acclaim for his work on the film Chicago which was awarded a Best Sound Oscar.

In the technical front he has been nominated twice for a TEC Award for his mix of “La Tortura” and his 5.1 recording and mix of Shakira’s “Oral Fixation Tour” Blu Ray disc.

Gustavo Celis has mixed numerous live TV broadcasts and has worked in studios across the globe. In the process, he has had the honor of collaborating with some of the world’s most renowned artists & producers including Timbaland, Eric Clapton, John Hill, Beyonce, Rick Rubin, Shakira, Ric Wake, Gloria Estefan, Jewel, Cerati, Celine Dion, Roger Waters and The Neptunes.

Born in Venezuela, now a European citizen living permanently in the US, Gustavo Celis’ music and studio career has come a long way in following its upwardly spiraling, circled path. Along the way he has worked with Eric Clapton, Beyonce, Ricky Martin, Jewel, Roger Waters, J-Lo, Celine Dion and Skakira. He has received two Grammy Awards, five Latin Grammy Awards, two TEC award nominations, and worked on Chicago (Academy Award for Best Sound.) Graduating atop his class in the mid-‘90s from Boston’s Berklee College of Music, Celis had engineering stops along the way at the respected Hit Factory Recording Studios (New York City) and Crescent Moon Studios (Miami) before assembling one of the most innovative hybrid studios today: Elastic Mix.

“Gustavo Celis is the one of the best engineers I have ever worked with.  His enthusiasm and input, make him one very special person in addition to being creative, smart and passionate about what he does and loves… Music”

Ricky Martin